The vast majority of the grandcentrix staff are we, the developers. We want to be challenged on a daily basis. We don’t want to patch WordPress installations for the flower shop next door. We don’t want to build yet another hybrid marketing app. Nobody likes spamming search engines with boring landing sites.

There’s *nothing* to learn from these mundane, repetitive tasks.

  • We want to continuously improve ourselves and our colleagues to improve with us.
  • We want to solve technical challenges on a realistic and useful medium scale.
  • We need coworkers that drive us to do TDD, clean code and clean architecture.
  • We love getting actual code reviews where everybody can grow on.
  • We want to use a stable, but modern tech stack allowing us to deliver the right solution for the problem.
  • We always look at the bigger picture. When we build something, we also need to think about how to run, scale and maintain it. When we need help from specialists, there’s always someone competent enough to know the answer (or at least where to look for it).
  • We want to treat our peers, leaders, and customers with respect.
  • Sound reasoning should always be the best argument.

The sweet spot seems to be somewhere between “coding start-up” and “global search engine megacorp”. For us, grandcentrix is the best place to be right now.

If that sounds good, let us tell you more about our engineering department.