If you came this far, you are probably interested in working with us. Nice!

In general, all our technical positions have the same basic expectations:

  • You cannot know everything.
  • You know Git and can operate it on a CLI.
  • You can be productive with either Mac OS X or Linux or are quick and open to adapt.
  • You want to be part of an agile development team.
  • You have high expectations of your code and the code of your coworkers.
  • You live clean code, test-driven development, and continuous delivery.
  • You know your tools.
  • Your proficiency in either English or German is at least on a C1 level1.
  • Your proficiency in English is at least on a B2 level2.
  • You know and have a basic understanding of HTTP, TLS, REST, JSON, and similar bread-and-butter technology.
  • You are not *seriously* religious about opposing technologies. (think iOS vs. Android, VIm vs. Emacs, spaces vs. tabs, etc.)
  • You are a fun person to work with.

Still with us? Have a look at our open positions.

    - 1) C1: "Effective operational proficiency." We don't need you to have the certification, but we need you to speak the language on about that level. - 2) B2: "Vantage or upper intermediate." Same about the certification like 1