Developers drive grandcentrix. Most colleagues in management positions have their roots in software development and worked here before.

Besides being part of a team delivering a successful project, one of our main goals is to become an expert for something.

We are supported in different ways to achieve that goal. Besides internal sessions like lightning talks, lunch & learn and unconferences we are encouraged to visit conferences and trainings to strengthen our expertise and also to think outside the box.

Our direct managers are (former) developers and have a good understanding of our skills and interests. We are organized in six competence centers, each representing our key expertise and responsible to enable us to become an expert:

  • Human-Computer Interaction, in which we focus on interfaces like iOS or Android apps, web dashboards, voice assistants as well as frontends for embedded devices.
  • Systems & Infrastructure, which is all about delivering scalable and reliable backend and infrastructure solutions.
  • Embedded Devices, creating hardware and firmware for connected IoT devices, from PCB design to certification and production.
  • Data Science, striving to find solutions for creating value from data by understanding, processing, analysing and visualising it.
  • IoT Security, taking care of providing end-to-end security solutions from frontend to backend and software to hardware.
  • Quality Assurance, ensuring that we meet our stakeholder’s requirements across the technical disciplines.

Of course, the challenges of our daily life as a developer oftentimes don’t fit into one competence center alone. That’s why we are constantly encouraged to work together and complement each other.

Read on to learn about our work and technologies we rely on.