In case you consider working with us, we want to tell you what our process looks like:

  1. You tell us that you would like to work with us. Send us an e-mail, tell us about you, attach a CV. We are also happy to see references or work samples. Whatever you send us will be screened by an expert colleague.
  2. If we like what we see, we will call you, so that both of us get a first impression, questions can be asked and to make an appointment for an interview together. We will also ask for salary expectations and possible starting dates.
  3. We’d prefer the technical interview to happen on-site in Cologne or Dortmund, in case you are located close enough; video call otherwise.
  4. In the on-site interview you will meet a developer respectively a future peer from the team you would most likely join. It is more of an open conversation and we heavily encourage you to ask the really hard questions about our work.
  5. If everybody wants to proceed, you’ll be given a small project to work on. We want you to work on it in your own time and place, with a time limit suited to the task. When you’re done, we’ll invite you one more time. There, you have the opportunity to present your work in front of everybody who wants to look at it.
  6. Immediately after your presentation, we’ll ask questions about your code or your proposed solution, your reasoning behind some decisions you will have made, and other things. We also welcome all your questions to the team at this point.
  7. The team (everybody who’s in the room) will then discuss your solution and make a unanimous decision.
  8. Usually, we tell you about our decision right afterwards and the signed contract will be handed out 24h later.

We think it is best to be absolutely transparent about the process and involve actual team members right from the start.

Also, we do not consider any of the following techniques useful and therefore refrain from using them:

  • whiteboard coding
  • algorithm 101, fizzbuzz permutations, etc.
  • internships when you apply for a full-time position
  • wasting your time by inviting people we don’t intend to hire

If this sounds interesting to you, please have a look at our expectations.